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Setup Factory

Developer Indigo Rose Corporation

Setup Factory is designed to create setup wizards. What is really impressive about this application is the extensive set of options it ...

Inno Setup QuickStart Pack

Developer Jordan Russell

The Inno Setup QuickStart Pack includes Inno Setup itself and additionally includes an option to install the Inno Script ...

Actual Installer

Developer Softeza Development

This application is a powerful setup creator that offers a fast and convenient way of packing your application. Actual Installer ...

Setup Specialist

Developer TG Byte Software GmbH

Setup Specialist offers you a powerful and flexible way to deploy your application to your customers. ...

Setup Studio

Developer Studio Software Ltd.

Setup Studio is an automated installation system for Windows. It installs the PC in exactly the same manner as you would, but it is fully ...

Inno Setup Form Designer

Developer Marc Hoffmann

Inno Setup Form Designer (ISFD) is an excellent IDE for the Inno Setup program. It resembles Visual Studio a lot: you can add a set of ...

Setup Builder

Developer GPP Software

Setup Builder is a powerful, reliable, easy to use and affordable solution for creating professional looking ...

rFactor Setup Comparer

Developer Jetspeed SimRacing

The rFactor Setup Comparer is a very simple tool designed for viewing the configuration of one setup ...

Basic Setup Builder

Developer AMMA

In Basic Setup Builder a good setup maker program, the variables are much more than text or numbers containers. They ...


Developer Commercial Research Ltd.

V-Setup is an extremely easy to use tool for developers to quickly build and deploy installers and setup builds to distribute ...

Instyler Setup

Developer Instyler Software

Instyler Setup is an application to create Windows Installer packages (MSI files). The application targets everyone ...

DV-90 SetUp Software

Developer KEYENCE Corporation

The SetUp Software is used when changing the internal settings of the DV-90. The settings and the master data can be sent and received using the ...

InstallAware Setup Squeezer for MSI

Developer InstallAware Software Corporation

The InstallAware Setup Squeezer intelligently unpacks your Windows Installer setups, and then recompresses them ...

Onix Setup Lite

Developer Onix Group

Onix Setup Lite - is application setup builder. Setup Lite create solid executable setup files with high density packing included files (2-3 times ...

InstallAware Setup Squeezer for InstallShield

Developer InstallAware Software Corporation

The InstallAware Setup Squeezer intelligently unpacks your InstallShield setups, and then recompresses them using ...

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